His trousers didn't fit him

by Craig McConkey

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Anti-war. Story of a childhood friend becoming a soldier.


Old friend looks well these days, you've changed a lot since then
Remember primary school, and our trip to Edinburgh
He said he does does does, and that i was was was
Much quieter and thin, and always laughed at him

But he took it on....the chin

They called him milky bar, and it started to stick
Because his hair was fair, and didnt grow too quick
And his trousers didnt fit him, you could see his socks
Now he's tall and built, and has a crackin' car

It goes fast, fast..... fast

He said he's a soldier (fool) time, always said you would
Its tough enough but sure, the benjamins are good
He's heading off off off, for half a year or so
Off to fight a war, asked what he's fighting for

He don't know, no...... they don't know

Na na na na, na na na na, na na - what we fighting for?

But they're sending out these lads, with futures and proud dads
For reasons unforseen, not country and your Queen
And we're naive-eve-eve, we'll sit and watch these thieves
Take more young lives to war, and tell them they're fighting for

Peace, peace...... piece of the oil!

Na na na na, na na na na, na - are we fighing for oil?

I bid you well my friend, hope you live to see
Your mothers open arms, a happy homecoming
Keep in touch touch touch, with home to let them know
That your in one piece, haven't even shot a gun

And your safe, safe..... safe

Ma ma ma ma, ma ma ma ma, ma ma - I'm safe, I am safe


released March 7, 2014
Producer - George Muldrew

Drums - Connor Burnside

Bass - Gary Lynas

Back vox - Gary Lynas, Connor Burnside, Joshua Burnside, George Muldrew



all rights reserved


Craig McConkey Belfast, UK

Craig McConkey returned to his native Belfast with the release of his hit debut EP “These Hills They Breathe”. Combining an upbeat, finger-picking guitar style and a charming way with words, he is winning over many admirers in NI and abroad.

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