These Hills They Breathe

by Craig McConkey



Debut EP, Launched in the summer of 2013.

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released March 6, 2014

Producer - Tony Mchugh
Band - Gary Lynas, Daniel Larkin
Artwork - Jonny Rowan
Photography - Scott J Gallagher



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Craig McConkey Belfast, UK

Craig McConkey returned to his native Belfast with the release of his hit debut EP “These Hills They Breathe”. Combining an upbeat, finger-picking guitar style and a charming way with words, he is winning over many admirers in NI and abroad.

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Track Name: Rule the land
define beauty, this scenery, and this show's free woo hoo!
well nought degrees, in the autumn breeze, lord look at me woo hoo!
and i hug a tree, cause it looks freezin' without it's leaves woo hoo!
but it still aint warm, now i dont believe anymore woo hoo!

who sent them all, i'll work it out, and write on a wall
cause i need to know, an i can't hear lies, when im on my own
yeah im young and free, and i dont feel like goin' home
so i'll brave the storm, yo angry cloud i'll take some more

my company, my time of need, my family
a lonesome deer, wonders' it think the same as me
well probably, but i'm skin and bones, and i gotta eat
but a big heart says hey! your gonna have to starve another day

i'm a fire, i'm a lion, or i can fly
and i'll send a sign, to tell all man, that i rule the land....
these hills they breathe, and they're telling me, that i live the dream!
they cast a spell, and sent all my woes, back to hell
Track Name: 10 menthol
“Im sparkin up, you wanna have 1 too?”
Said na' mate got more sense than you
Just a social beer, a football carreer
“Well we'll see when half way through 1st year”

Got an innocent face and a naive mind
“Didn't think you’d leave beliefs behind”
Are you still goin to church, you must have changed ur tune
Said “i dont do that lads”, maybe you spoke too soon

No, No, No, N
No mummy here to know what i do

Heard he changed a lot, heard he lost his way
Never drank back then, used to read and pray
Now he lives away, got new friends and all
And when he’s on the beer, heads out with 10 menthol

They havn't talked in months, but pretty quick to judge
Sorry, let you down, didn't know your all perfect
So you can shake ur head, and you can give him those eyes
It’s just a phase of mine, and im doin' just fine

Sure when we’re all home, we’ll get a crate and we’ll get steamin'
Brag about the good nights, our uni life, girls we’re sleezin'
Tell them how ur moving, when your older, because it’s freezin'
Find we never changed, craic's the same, and we’re still breathin'
Track Name: Deaf like me
lived and breathed, ran round the trees, and back then these buildings were the fields
and your great grandad, he fought a war, when there was somethin to be fighting for
fell in love, we said our vows, and had a country house with hens and cows
mother to your mother - warmed our hearts soon she'll be deaf like me

mind in the winters, bare were all the trees, but the harth saved us from being cold

you get taller everyday, feels like you were born just yesterday
remember your granda? rest his soul, you said you wanted to be him when you get old
now come to see me and stay a while, cause' i get lonely from time to time
sure i'll make your bed, cause' having you around, is worth more to me than a million pounds

sure the house is quiet, and i'm scared at night, but i know i know im not alone

i'm getting older everyday, this room seems fine am i here to stay
change my night dress baby blue, there's nothing more the nurse can do
im growing tired and my children cry, the hours have started flying by
and my love he's holding out his hand, says come with me, iv been a patient man

so take me to the place we read about, i know i know i'm goin home