Thumpin' Head

by Craig McConkey

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Produced and mastered by George Muldrew.



Tell your mates they're a bore, and give it rice on the floor
To all those lads your a star but sober crowd thinks your a whore,
The dress your wearing is saturated in harp, tell your mum that a lad that looked lit stumbled and bumped into you
Listen up this the song, your pushing through with your drink
Think most the place got a good view of your thong
Not long til one of these doormen picks her up, and chucks her out
Back home it took her ages getting ready for tonight
But after one or two it looks she's been involved in a fight
Don't stand over here for a while girl your cramping our style
We'll have to pick you up and carry you to taxi outside

She's still not getting served at the bar, but she'll try again in an hour
Had enough, looking rough, throwing up, thinking of
pouring out her.....
Heart to the friend she never talked to much
Wake up without a story to tell

Said so I'll have a thumpin' head, cracking Tuesday night

Away from mummy and dad, she's started smoking and that'
An overdraft on her card and half way through student loan
Told her sister back home, she's working hard on her own
Taking it easy tonight
Killjoy's saying dj's a joke, she's grinding up on some bloke
Place clearing close after this song
I'm guessing he's invited, I hope you've dubes, hit her's tonight
But I hear she's living in halls, mate that's a kick in the balls
Security never let's students bring home their regrets
Save face in the mornin' wouldn't looked twice at him normally
Flat mate grabs her arm, kiss him bye, stumble outside

Struggles getting into the car, so head back into the bar
Had enough, looking rough, throwing up, thinking of
Climbing into....
Bed with some lad she's only talked to once
Wake up without a story to tell

So I'll have a thumpin' head, cracking Tuesday night


released March 6, 2014
Producer - George Muldrew
Drums - Connor Burnside
Bass - Gary Lynas



all rights reserved


Craig McConkey Belfast, UK

Craig McConkey returned to his native Belfast with the release of his hit debut EP “These Hills They Breathe”. Combining an upbeat, finger-picking guitar style and a charming way with words, he is winning over many admirers in NI and abroad.

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